Blade Runner 2033: Labyrinth

Annapurna Interactive

Right now, I'm the Lead Gameplay Engineer on Blade Runner 2033: Labyrinth. This game is going to be very good, and I feel lucky to be part of this wonderfully talented team.

Unannounced New IP


For about 4 years, I was the Programming Lead on an unannounced new IP published by Devolver Digital. Unfortunately, this project never saw the light of day.



I was an AI and Gameplay programmer on BELOW for about 2 and-a-half years. I spent most of my time building an omnipotent tentacle monster. It was a super interesting project! I talked about the systems in detail in my GDC talk. A video is available to GDC Vault subscribers.

Multiple Projects

Uken Games

I was a developer then technical lead on a bunch of Uken's live, mobile, online multiplayer games. I worked mostly as a full-stack web developer using things like React, Ruby on Rails, Babel, Postgresql, etc.

VR Pedestrian Research

CDRU @ University of Guelph

My first large project. I built a room-scale virtual reality software system for children's pedestrian research. The project used the Vizard Engine, multiple VR hardware solutions, python-based analytics, and some WPF tools to help researchers set up trials and build in-engine tutorial videos. This research evolved into a virtual, interactive training system that can be set up in a classroom to help teach kids about road and traffic safety.